Environmental Health

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Environmental Health hazards may be something you have never thought about, but it is important.  There are many ways that we can impact the global and community environment. We are going to talk about ways to impact your home environment.

As you walk into your home take inventory of everything that is made of synthetic material.  This may be your carpet, press wood furniture, plastic, foam, etc.  How much of that is letting chemicals into your life?  Move to the kitchen and do an inventory there as well.  Look to see how much of your food is from a can or plastic container. Are you eating off plastic, cooking on plastic (Teflon) or in a plastic bag that is supposed to be safe?  Chemicals under your sink? Do this room by room and be very aware of the chemicals in your bathroom that are hidden in beauty products.  By being aware of all the chemicals in our personal space we can start to clean them out, improving our personal environment and improving our health.

If you want help improving your health which includes improving your environmental health hazards, then call the Queen Creek Naturopathic office at 480-296-6173 and schedule an appointment.

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