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Two years ago I was 50 years old walking like a 100 year old lady and could barely get around. My foot hurt so bad that it kept me from sleeping, I was in constant pain, I was not liking life and I couldn't play with my grandbabies. Dr. B did acupuncture on my foot a few times and it was amazing! I am now enjoying life and getting around like I should without any pain at all.



I went to see Dr. Berkner to get away from the traditional approach of "just give more medicine". Three months later I am prescription free and much more educated about how to keep my body healthy. She is patient, understanding, and guided me to meet my goals.



Dr. Berkner is a true example of a doctor's Oath of Ethics- Competent Medical Care with Great Compassion, Respect for human dignity and rights. And I would like to add a great listener and teacher, whom my family trusts.



My daughter and myself came to Dr. Berkner to eliminate all of our prescription medications due to severe side effects, as these medications were also interfering with daily activities.  My daughter's coordination and attention has increased since her first appointment in April 2018, as well as, improved sleep.   I also have a medical condition which requires daily supplements that I was not getting before.   We both feel 100% better and are living our lives more completely

Thank you so much for your time and quality of care!!



I came to Dr. Berkner for a frustrating 10lbs to lose & to reduce my body fat for better health. She put me on a liver detox program that she highly recommended. I’m half way through, and am seeing wonderful results after years of trying to lose weight. She is wonderful and it’s so nice to have a holistic professional in QC that cares about people’s health the natural way.


Having foot pain, had cortisone shots which did not help. Went to see Dr. Berkner, she recommended Traumeel Shots. Had a series of 3 shots,1 a week. My foot pain went away. Thank you Dr. Berkner.


Dr. Berkner has been the first medical professional in a log time that has started to diagnose, treat and care about my illnesses in 37 years! Her knowledge, listening skills and care are above and beyond any Dr.  I have ever been to.  Dr. Kris cares about your overall mental health, physical health, and well being! I have recommended her to multiple people and all of my loved ones have seen results from her guidance, care and expertise in a short time just as I have.  Thank you Dr. Kris! You are not only my Doctor, but the first person to listen, care and want to see me get healthy in a very long time without a pill!  My family thanks you!!!!

One year ago, I decided to change my Naturopathic physician because Dr. Berkner was closer to where I live and I had already been sick for a year and I just wasn't getting any ware with my old doctor. When Dr. Berkner listened to my very long year of testing from Medical doctors and symptoms of high fatigue, fevers, Migraines that would cause, nausea, loose BM's, body aches and pains, she suggested a parasite test and a IV treatment. Of course, I was like "No, not right now, have to think about if for a very long time..I was scared of IV's, since I have been hospitalized multiple times, I just had that needle fear and to do a parasite test, I would have to do what ! Well one day I woke up and I had a Migraine that felt like it was going to kill me, Since I already had an appointment with Dr. Berkner that day, my neighbor drove me and when Dr. Berkner saw me she was like "I think this is a good time to do an IV" and I said "OK" and started to cry. She took me back and made me feel very comfortable, explained everything and It did not hurt. Within 30 minutes, my migraine that started at 10 was down to a 2. When my time was up, I was AMAZED how much better I was and I told her that I was now a believer!! Even my neighbor who waited for me was like in shock because I no longer had the face of pain. After this, I figured she knows what she is doing and she is very good at it. So, I did the Parasite test and yes it was positive for Cryptosporidium the hardest parasite to kill. I got a prescription from my new Integrated Medical Doctor Dr. Jensen and I took the prescription along with more IV's to keep me going because the parasite was taking everything from me. Once the parasite was gone then Dr. Berkner could start spacing the IV's further apart. I have been migraine free for over 11 months, my fatigue is gone and I choose to get IV's about every 4 to 6 weeks, just to keep me maintained since I am not where I should be on my eating habits. She is a great doctor, practical teacher, caring person with a great attitude about taking small steps to better health. I told her one day that I was very grateful for her and she said "Thank you - But you took the first step through my door". So. I say to anyone looking into this Naturopathic Medicine- Don't let your fear's stop you from taking that first step, to better health.


Upon the advice of a dear friend, I made an appointment with Dr. Berkner. I was feeling run down and exhausted, lacking energy. I initially sought treatment for thyroid related issues.

It has been about a year, and in that time Dr. Berkner helped me better understand my own health and well-being, especially the importance of proper nutrition to combat inflammation and the benefit of vitamin supplements. Under her care, I have seen a remarkable improvement in how I feel, especially an increase in energy. I am amazed by the fact that I have also benefited from the acupuncture treatments.

I appreciate her and what she has done to treat my "ailments" and gladly recommend her whenever I can.



I have been seeing Dr. Berkner for approximately eight months now.  I am certain, that she has actually saved my life. When I began seeing Dr. Berkner, I was a product of "Mainstream Medicine".  I had multiple medical issues, for which I took multiple pharmaceuticals.  Yet, I was not getting any better, in fact my health was getting worse. The physicians that were treating me, couldn't heal me.  They would give me yet another medication and give me yet another vague diagnosis.  None of which helped. I had finally reached a point, where my health had hit rock bottom.  I knew that I was in serious trouble.  I knew I had to take a different approach, in order save my life.  I found Dr. Berkner and made an appointment.  Truly the best decision of my life. From my very first visit , she was both professional and kind.  She took the time needed, to listen and address all of my concerns.  She then began the enormous task of methodically breaking down my symptoms.  She began to address each problem and separate it out, from all of the rest.  She would then give me a natural and/or nutritional plan of action, for that issue. I was so very sick, when I began seeing her.  I am so much better now and I believe I am here today, because of her.  She didn't ever give up on me.  She has taught me.  She has healed me.  I am so very grateful for her.

Anonymous and Appreciative

Dr. Berkner is a fabulous doc, one who listens, is informed in the most holistic of treatments, and educated in all modalities so that you get to the root, then treat the whole person.


This was my first visit and I left my consult feeling that for the first time someone listened to my concerns and has a real plan to help.
I am looking forward to working with Dr. Berkner. I highly recommend her.


Always a positive, uplifting experience when I visit. Dr. Berkner is very easy to open up to, she’s very genuine and has a kind and empathetic heart.

I feel very grateful to have her in my arsenal of holistic wellness practitioners.


Kris is fabulous and listen to your concerns. She never makes you feel like she is in a hurry.

She is very thorough and even explained all my lab results to me. I would absolutely recommend Her!

Dr. Berkner is always very friendly and professional. Appointments are always easy to schedule around my life. She also has the best rates for her services.

Dr. Berkner is always there for us, even without an appt. We’ve never had trouble scheduling with her when it’s most convenient for us.
She is always very personable and professional.

This was my first visit and I left my consult feeling that for the first time someone listened to my concerns and has a real plan to help.
I am looking forward to working with Dr. Berkner. I highly recommend her.


The glutathione IV’s, vitamin IV’s and B-12 shots have made a huge difference in how I feel. The glutathione IV’s have been remarkable. I have not been sick, my skin and hair look great and I feel so much better. The B-12 shots give me energy and help me get through the busy days. I am forever grateful to have this amazing Doctor in my life. Thank you.

Susan J.

Dr. Kris Berkner was the first doctor I met when I went through rehabilitation and treatment in November 2010, and I was blessed to work with her for the entire 3 months I was there getting clean from prescription medications.

She was unbelievably patient with me as I had a very painful and difficult detox, and beginning road to recovery. She was always willing to answer questions about my body and my symptoms, and help me understand my addiction and disease. I’m one of those patients with a million questions, and “understanding” is very important to me! She also educated and helped me find alternative, and holistic ways to handle pain management and other health concerns that I struggle with. Getting clean and sober, and finding ways to live without having to use mind altering chemicals and prescriptions to hide and numb from life was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, and also the best thing I’ve ever done. I could not have done it without Dr. Berkner’s guidance, support, encouragement, and tough love. She is an amazing and caring physician, and it was a blessing and honor to get to work with her and start this new amazing clean and sober life I now get to have.

She helped me find the courage and strength to walk away from that addiction, and begin a brand new life by showing me it was possible. I have continued using the tools and alternative and holistic forms of pain management she taught me, along with other healthy tools, since I first met her in November of 2010, and have 2 ½ years of sobriety today, without a single relapse. My life today is centered in my recovery from drug addiction, and it takes a great deal of hard work. It is also beyond worth it. I have family, friends, and ways of dealing with life, pain, and most importantly myself, that don’t involve drugs. The life I have today in recovery is absolutely beautiful, and I owe that in large part, to Dr. Berkner. Because today, I get to LIVE that life drug free, and that is such a gift. I will forever be grateful.

Barb H.

I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in my elbow and learned traditional treatment protocol relies on one or combination of pharmaceutical drugs with no clear approach, whether drug combination or single drug offered any advantage, and over a longer period of time. I’m only 35 yrs. old and concerned regarding taking these pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of my life and the lasting effects it would have on my body.  I met with Dr. Berkner with my problem and concerns.  She was very attentive, thorough, and sympathetic  and offered a more natural long-term treatment , including acupuncture and exercise to incorporate daily to help relieve the pain.

Thank you for your help and your compassion. Regards,

Ed B.


I have had ADD since I was a kid and have always refused to take meds for lots of reasons.
Dr. Berkner was recommended to me as a possibly having a natural remedy for me that will not change my personality.
She spent a long time with me which I appreciated, mostly talking about changes to how I eat and then she recommended me a daily herbal solution. That is why I am writing this review. Since taking the solution my focus improved so much. I have been in school for years but taking it this last year is what will get me my to graduation in May 2013 from ASU with a BS in political science, a certificate in business management, and a certificate in renewable energies! Due to her personal attention and overall caring attitude, unlike most pill giving docs, is why I tell everyone to go to Dr. Berkner.


Dr. Berkner has always been a wealth of knowledge and you can see she’s one of today’s rare breeds who has become and stays a doctor to truly help people live healthier lives. Her compassion, dedication and honesty make her one of the best docs I’ve ever seen.


I am a young women with horrible health. A few years ago I stopped doing sports and let myself go, big mistake.
Seeing Dr. Berkner not only has my health been improving but I feel much better about myself.
She not only made me realize how important it was for me to change my eating habits, but how easy it was.
The best part is that there is nothing extreme changed and I’m not on a ‘diet’, I’m just eating healthy. Thank you Dr. Berkner, you’re amazing!


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