Drug Free Pain Management

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How do we handle pain without opiates?  I believe that one of the most obvious places to start is to realize that some pain is appropriate and to not cover it up.  If you have a broken tooth, had a tooth pulled, muscle pain, any generalized pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong and needs to be corrected.  I am not talking about broken femur pain, cancer pain, other extreme pains.

With general pain the body must be looked at as a whole to determine other ways to handle pain.  Often, I hear that one attempt had been made with minimal results.  Think of pain resolution similar to cooking an egg omelet, you can’t just put the eggs in a pan and expect an omelet.  You need to mix a few ingredients together, work on the process, and eventually you have an omelet.

To minimize pain, one must look at everything that is affecting it: nutrition, movement, inflammation, body dynamics.  If your pain is due to looking down at your phone for hours then it is reasonable to stop this action to help alleviate the pain.

Dr. Berkner has been working with minimizing pain in patients successfully for many years by taking a lifestyle approach. Call the office at 480-296-6173 if you are ready to start on a new path.

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