It’s that time of year

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It’s that time of year, to be concerned about desert critters. With the temps warming up please be aware that the desert critters are out and about.  Here are some simple tips to helping to avoid an unwanted encounter.

Rattlers: they tend to hang out basking in the warmth of the morning and later evening so watch for them. Stay on trails, don’t try and get close to take a picture and DO NOT ever try to save it by catching to re-home it.  If you get bit it may be a dry bite, but it may not.  So, use good judgement and give them a wide berth.

Scorpions: are about to start hanging out in your house because it is more comfortable inside during the summer.  When working outside picking weeds, moving rock, etc. be sure to wear gloves and look where you are putting your hands.  If they are inside your house then just use a shoe or fly swatter to kill them.   If you want to be adventurous get a black light to spot them so you know where they live.

Widows: these big spiders are not aggressive but you need to watch out for them because they will bite if protecting their egg sack or if they feel you are threatening them.  If you are bit it is very painful and can remain that way for weeks.  Again, wear gloves and watch where you put your hands.

Contact Queen Creek Naturopathic to learn more about additional desert critters that you may be concerned about.

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